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     · Blue Star Regulators, Flow Meters, and Gauges Category. Blue Star Regulators. Blue Star Flow Meters

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    Flow rate 50 m³/h1,000 m³/h Pressure 30 Pa300 Pa Nominal diameter 99 mm629 mm. VAVDynamic control Automatic adjustment with precise readings (accuracy5% between 1-8 m/s).Flow rate shown in real time (in l/s or m3/h). Wide range of diameters. Easy to install and use. The

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    26 rows · The Dole Valves Flow Control Regulator from Invensys Controls is the industry standard for delivering a constant volume of water flow over a wide pressure range. The Flow Regulator’s control mechanism is a flexible orifice which varies its effective area inversely to the applied pressure.

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     · How do flow regulators work? A typical flow regulator consists of three components a housing a seating area a precision o-ring. The flow rate is determined by the interaction between the seating area and the o-ring. When water flows through the regulator at a higher or lower pressure, the shape of the o-ring changes.

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    The COMP series HP250i is our bread and butter regulator. It has an adjustable output up to 250 psi with a flow rate of 40 cfm. Compare this to a heavy duty OBA compressor which has a max output of 150 psi and a flow rate of only 2.62 cfm (at 0 psi). Not only will you be able to fill tires many times faster than any other air system but you can


    Demand flow regulator for 34ltr, 58ltr & 110ltr. The demand flow regulator is designed to be used with instruments that utilise a pump to draw calibration gas. The SEMA Gases Demand Flow Regulator is used to ensuring you receive the required flow of calibration gas for your application. At SEMA Gases, we only provide a variety quality gas

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     · A flow curve illustrates a regulator’s performance in terms of outlet pres-sure and flow rate. Flow is not controlled by the regulator. It is con-trolled downstream by a valve or flow meter. The curve shows you how a regulator will respond as flow in the system changes. Look at the top curve in Figure 1. The curve starts at 400 psig. This is the

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    The Aithre personal oxygen bottle is constructed from lightweight composite carbon fiber with an aluminum lining and is designed for aviation. Offering a 2000 PSI working pressure, simple, ergonomical, on-off gauge, and an easy operate fixed flow regulator, this bottle is ideal for pilots in private GA

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     · Flow Regulators. ARI-ASTRA® Marietta, GA 30067 arivalve. Call Fax Email. High Quality Products for a Wide Range Applications. ARI products are in service around the globe. Whether it is manufacturing cars, ships, chemicals, food processing or heating technology. You will find ARI where any fluid, liquid

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    2 days ago · Pressure Regulators Our highly accurate regulators designed to ensure uniform pressure and maximum system uptime and maintain continuous non-peak & consistent system pressure. Highly accurate pressure regulators are available in two models PRV Located near the head control, this model is available at various outlet pressures.

  • JRLL Series Low Set Pressure / Very Low Flow Pressure

    The JRLL Series are low flow regulators designed and built specifically for very low pressure applications. The durable valve body and metal trim components are machined from 316L SST barstock. The valve is outfitted with a sensitive PTFE Jorlon diaphragm for accurate low pressure sensing and Teflon, PEEK, KEL-F and EPDM seats for ANSI Class VI

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    Point of use regulators designed to provide constant and maximum flow rates at outlets such as taps and showers etc., irrespective of changes in demand or water pressure fluctuations between 1 Bar10 Bar (unless otherwise stated below). Benefits. Large water savings and also by reducing the amount of hot used you can achieve large energy savings

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    Flow rate 0 l/min6 l/min Pressure 60 psi Nominal diameter 0.2 mm1.8 mmDR-2 regulator for accurate and precise pressure control in a small package. Unlike other mass flow controllers that require a 30 minute warm-up time, large differential

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     · Product Title 19442 in-Line Air Flow Regulator, 1/4 NPT By Titan T Average rating 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $9.87 $ 9 . 87 List List Price $12.73 $ 12 . 73

  • HYDROVEX VHV / SVHV Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator

     · The HYDROVEX® VHV / SVHV Vertical Vortex Flow Regulators (refer to Figure 1) are manufactured entirely of stainless steel, and consist of a hollow body (1) (in which flow control takes place) and an outlet orifice ().Two rubber "O" rings (7 3) seal and retain the unit inside the outlet pipe. Two stainless steel retaining rings (4) are welded on the outlet sleeve to ensure that there

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     · Available in either fixed or adjustable flow, a pressure compensated flow regulator achieves constant flow independent of inlet pressure variations, with pressure variations up to 3,000 psi (207bar). The compensating action of fixed flow regulator valves results from a fixed diameter orifice at the inlet end and a series of variable orifices at the outlet end.


     · Flow alarm CONSTANT FLOW REGULATOR 3630 The Kytola® Model 3630 Constant Flow Regulator is a sturdy, industrial constant flow regulator. It is designed to provide a constant flow of liquids in applications where supply or backpressure varies and to provide a constant flow of gases in applications where backpressure varies.

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     · VOLA flow regulator. *1) Swivel Spouts should not be restricted to less than 9l/m. Otherwise the pin inside the spout will be damaged. *2) The KV1 and FS2 should not be restricted to less than 5 l/m. Otherwise the pin inside the spout will be damaged.

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     · A flow curve illustrates a regulator’s performance in terms of outlet pres-sure and flow rate. Flow is not controlled by the regulator. It is con-trolled downstream by a valve or flow meter. The curve shows you how a regulator will respond as flow in the system changes. Look at the top curve in Figure 1. The curve starts at 400 psig. This is the

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    Pressure RegulatorsDesign Principles, Types and applications. A pressure regulator is a device which controls the pressure of liquids or gases (medium) by reducing a high input pressure to a controlled lower output pressure. They also work to maintain a constant output pressure even when there are fluctuations in the inlet pressure.

  • Should a fixed-flow regulator or a demand-flow regulator

    With a constant flow or fixed flow 0.5 or 1 LPM regulator the MultiRAE has a calibration adapter that has a chamber that fits over the inlet port. When you turn on a fixed flow regulator it blows gas into the chamber and the pump will draw in the gas. This is to simulate atmosphere. A T-Type fitting (M) can also be used and provide

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    The REG rate regulators are ideally suited for the simple restriction to a preset value of throughputs of water, or of liquids similar to water. The flow restrictors ensure equilibrium, particularly in systems with many users and resulting pressure fluctuations caused by random flow conditions. In other words, the desired throughput is not

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    DOLE SOLENOID WATER VALVES. #S-45-PH-24. 24* Volts, 3/8″ FNPT x 3/8″ FNPT. #S-45-PH-120. 120* Volts, 3/8″ FNPT x FNPT. REPAIR KITSFor S-25-PH and S-45-PH Solenoid Valves Only. Kits include Coil Assembly,Plug Gasket, Screen, Armature, Spring, Guide Tube & Diaphragm. #RKS-24.

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    Welcome to the premier industrial source for Flow Control Valves in Georgia. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Flow Control Valves, as well as a variety of related products and services. ThomasNet provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results.

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     · An I.V Flow Regulator is a new technology that is trending these days due to the accurate transfer of the fluid during Intravenous therapy. The feature of just setting up the amount of flow (in milliliters) catches the eye of every doctor and the nursing staff of the Medical and Healthcare sector.

  • REGAutomatic Flow Regulating Valve Balance Valve

    The KOBOLD REG automatic flow regulating valve, also known as a balance valve, automatically regulates the flow within a system. Regardless of pressure fluctuations, the valve keeps the flow permanently constant. Since this state can be maintained within a wide range of pressures, the REG is ideally suited for use in networks supplying several