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  • Worse Than Covid? Spike Protein Spreads Like Fire

     · The Spike Protein and Blood Clotting In related news, Dr. Malcolm Kendrick posted an article11 on his website June 3, 2021, in which he discusses the links between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and vasculitis, a medical term referring to inflammation ("itis") in your vascular system, which is made up of your heart and blood vessels.

  • Grocery prices continue to rise—and there's no end in

     · Meat, poultry, fish, and egg prices actually saw the biggest year-over-year jump of 5.9% last month. Consumers can also expect that the price of anything that comes in

  • UN report Pandemic year marked by spike in world hunger

     · There was a dramatic worsening of world hunger in 2020, the United Nations said todaymuch of it likely related to the fallout of COVID-19. While the pandemic’s impact has yet to be fully mapped, a multi-agency report estimates that around a tenth of the global populationup to 811 million peoplewere undernourished last year. The number suggests it will take a tremendous effort

  • Frequency Of Generic Drug Price Spikes Health Affairs

     · Among drugs experiencing price spikes, 51 percent were injected products, 64 percent had three or fewer manufacturers, and 18 percent were in shortage at the time of the spike. Generic drug price

  • Dhaka hospitals see spike in COVID-19 patients as

     · Dhaka saw a surge in new cases, tallying 1,837 over the period, the most among the eight divisions. Dhaka also led the number of deaths, with 23 in the division. On the recent surge in

  • Dubai's #1 Medical Guide Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals

    Middle East's top resource for Doctors, Nurses & Medical Professionals. Your guide for jobs, news, research & events. Now covering UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar & Egypt.

  • SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLICWorld Health Organization

    health expenditure (GGHE) in 2008, as reflected in the national health accounts (NHA) was SYP 37,377.48 (US$ 795.27). That is, 45.13 % of the total expenditure on health, with a total annual per capita public expenditure on health of SYP 1,760.85 (US$ 37.46). The government annual

  • Climate Change and Rising Food Prices Heightened Arab

     · Climate Change and Rising Food Prices Heightened Arab Spring. The effects of climate change on the food supply exacerbated the underlying tensions that

  • These 3 Pantry Staples May Soon Spike In Price, Experts Say

     · Globally, this is a major issue, plus the world is still dealing with a pandemic. In South America, drought has destroyed crops like coffee, corn, soybeans, and sugar. Pantry staples in countries such as Mexico and Kenya have soared in price. Plus, the prices of cooking oils have gone up, too. The United Nations even noted that world food costs

  • US consumer prices surge in June by the most since 2008

     · A sign displays the price for shirts as a shopper peruses the offerings at a Costco warehouse on Thursday, June 17, 2021, in Lone Tree, Colo. American consumers faced a third straight monthly surge in princes in June, the latest sign that a rapid reopening of the economy is fueling a pent-up demand for goods and services that in many cases remain in short supply.

  • Syrians ‘face unprecedented hunger amid impending

     · Syrian communities devastated by years of civil war now face an “unprecedented” hunger crisis, just as urgent action is needed to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, UN humanitarians said on Friday. The warning from multiple UN agencies comes ahead of a major donor pledging conference next Tuesday for the war-shattered country.

  • Oil Prices in New York, London Spike After Syria Attack

     · Oil prices shot up after the U.S. launched a cruise missile attack against Syria. West Texas Intermediate climbed as much as 2.4 percent to a one-month high of $52.94 a barrel in New York, with

  • Farmer Suicides Could Rise Because Of Devastating

     · Farmer Suicides Could Rise Because Of Devastating Drought Across The West A Colorado analysis found farmer suicide rates rise in tandem with increased drought. Experts say a big challenge is

  • Crime in Syria. Safety in SyriaCost of Living

    Information about crime in Syria. Shows how much people think the problem in their community are property crimes (home broken, car theft, etc.), violent crimes (being mugged or robbed, being attacked or insulted), corruption and other crimes.

  • Medical oxygen suppliers see spike in demandThe Mail

     · Medical oxygen suppliers see spike in demand. Tshegofatso Mathe. 14 Jan 2021. A professional healthcare worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) carry an oxygen tank inside a

  • Price Gouging in the Wake of Natural Disaster A Legal

     · Price Gouging in the Wake of Natural Disaster A Legal Ambiguity. In August and September of 2017, both Florida and Texas were devastated by two catastrophic hurricanesIrma and Harvey. Over the course of several days, numerous families were suddenly burdened with floods, decimated infrastructure, and loss in power.

  • UPDATE 4-Aetna medical costs spike, shares tumble

     · UPDATE 4-Aetna medical costs spike, shares tumble To adjust to the higher medical costs, Aetna plans to re-price business for the remainder

  • Myanmar Suffering From Severe Shortage of Medical

     · Myanmar Suffering From Severe Shortage of Medical Oxygen as COVID-19 Cases Spike. The shortage of medical oxygen has resulted in huge price increases for oxygen cylinders being sold on the private market. An oxygen cylinder which can store 40 liters used to cost around 230,000 kyats (US$140). Now, the price has gone up to 350,000 kyats (US

  • Zients 'We are concerned' about possible spikesCNN

     · Zients 'We are concerned' about possible spikes. White House coronavirus response coordinator Jeffrey Zients tells CNN's Dana Bash that "we're seeing increases in

  • Taxing Drug Price Spikes Assessing The Health Affairs

     · Proposed Tax On Drug Price Spikes. The bill defines a “price spike” as an increase in the average manufacturer price—on a calendar year-over-year basis—exceeding inflation (the medical

  • Medical debt is engulfing more people as pandemic takes

     · A pandemic spike in debt. Medical debt has inevitably grown at a faster clip during the past year as the country faces a never-before-seen economic and labor crisis, experts say.

  • Explainer What is a spike protein? Science News for

     · Those spike proteins latch the virus onto a cell. This allows them to get entry into those cells. On February 19, 2020, researchers described the 3-D structure of the spike protein on the novel coronavirus behind the 2020 global pandemic. This confirmed that the new virus’s spike protein also is a shape-shifter. What’s more, it clings to

  • OHCHR IICISyria Documentation

     · "Assault on medical care in Syria" Conference Room PaperA/HRC/24/CRP.2 13 September 2013 English Arabic. 6th report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab RepublicA/HRC/24/46 11 September 2013 العربية

  • Medical oxygen suppliers see spike in demandThe Mail

     · Medical oxygen suppliers see spike in demand. Tshegofatso Mathe. 14 Jan 2021. A professional healthcare worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) carry an oxygen tank inside a

  • Syrian crisis UNICEF

    2 days ago · The Syrian crisis remains first and foremost a protection crisis. Grave violations of children’s rightsrecruitment, abductions, killing and maiming continue unabated. Hyperinflation is having a devastating impact on families, with negative coping mechanisms on the rise. Parents are eating less so they can feed their children, sending

  • Syria Today's latest from Al Jazeera

     · Stay on top of Syria latest developments on the ground with Al Jazeera’s fact-based news, exclusive video footage, photos and updated maps.