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  • Popular Protest in North Africa and the Middle East (VI

     · HTS is the latest iteration of a faction originally known as Jabhat al-Nusra, whose Syrian founder (now HTS leader) Abu Muhammad al-Jolani participated in the post-2003 Iraqi insurgency as a member of the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI, which later became ISIS), and in 2011 coordinated with ISI leadership to establish a branch in Syria.

  • ARTABANUS (Arsacid kings)Encyclopaedia Iranica

     · ARTABANUS (Parth.Ardawān), name borne by several Arsacid kings. Artabanus I. Artabanus II. Artabanus III. Artabanus IV. A king supposed to have reigned from 211 to ca. 191 B.C., is mentioned quite frequently in the older literature as Artabanus I (e.g. G. Rawlinson, The Sixth Great Oriental Monarchy or the Geography, History and Antiquities of Parthia, London, 1873, p. 54 and

  • WATCH 4 killed in US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias

     · WATCH 4 killed in US airstrikes on Iran-backed militias in Iraq, Syria The United States military said on Sunday it targeted operational and weapons storage facilities at two locations in Syria

  • Antiochus III the Great Seleucid king Britannica

     · Antiochus III the Great, byname Antiochus the Great, Greek Antiochus Megas, (born 242 bce —died 187, near Susa, Iran), Seleucid king of the Hellenistic Syrian Empire from 223 bce to 187, who rebuilt the empire in the East but failed in his attempt to challenge Roman ascendancy in Europe and Asia Minor.He reformed the empire administratively by reducing the provinces in size, established a

  • Polity IV Project Country Reports 2010

     · Polity IV Individual Country Regime Trends, . PLEASE NOTE The Center for Systemic Peace (CSP) Web site has been reorganized and refreshed. The Polity Project and INSCR Data pages have been moved please click here to be taken to the new CSP Web site or on the logos at the bottom of the page to navigate to the new pages.

  • The Modelling News Preview MiniArt's new 1/35th scale

     · Miniart has given a new set of injection moulded plastic with four tankers in 1/35th scale from the era of the Yom Kippur War in their new "Real Characters" set. We have been able to identify some of these tankers in photos of the time and from the recent "Valley of Tears" miniseries.

  • The Modelling News Preview MiniArt's new 1/35th scale

     · Miniart has given a new set of injection moulded plastic with four tankers in 1/35th scale from the era of the Yom Kippur War in their new "Real Characters" set. We have been able to identify some of these tankers in photos of the time and from the recent "Valley of Tears" miniseries.

  • The Modelling News Preview 1/35th scale Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf

     · Twenty Panzer IV Ausf. H went to Spain in 1943, which held them as the best tanks they had in their inventory. Spain sold them to Syria in 1967. Around 130 Panzer IVs of various variants made it to Syria in the 1950s and 1960s. These Panzer IVs served the Syrians alongside T-34-85s, T-54s, and T-55s during the Six-Day War against Israel.

  • Anti-Turkey Statements In IranPart IV Iranian Regime

     · Twice in recent months, the Iranian regime mouthpiece Kayhan, which is close to ideological circles, published articles warning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan not to interfere in the war in Yemen in support of Saudi Arabia.In a March 17, 2021 article, Kayhan wrote, referring to missiles fired by the pro-Iran Shi'ite Houthi rebels in Yemen into Saudi Arabia, that if Turkey did so

  • Antiochus IV Epiphanes Biography, Reign, Jerusalem

     · Antiochus IV Epiphanes, (Greek “God Manifest”) also called Antiochus Epimanes (the Mad), (born c. 215 bce —died 164, Tabae, Iran), Seleucid king of the Hellenistic Syrian kingdom who reigned from 175 to 164 bce.As a ruler he was best known for his encouragement of Greek culture and institutions. His attempts to suppress Judaism brought on the Wars of the Maccabees.

  • Religious Beliefs In SyriaWorldAtlas

     · The Six Biggest Religions Groups In Syria 6. Twelver Shia Islam. Twelver Shia Islam is the largest branch of Shia Islam in the world, but only accounts for 0.5% of the religious population of Syria. This branch of Shia Islam beliefs in twelve divinely ordained leaders, called the Twelve Imams, who are the spiritual and political successors to

  • Reports of clashes in Southern Syria near Israel’s Golan

     · Clashes in southern Syria have spread in recent days amid protests against the Assad regime, culminating in reports of gun battles and deployment of Syrian army tanks in Deraa province. On

  • ANTIOCHUS IV., EPIPHANESJewishEncyclopedia

    ("the Illustrious") King of Syria reigned from 175 B.C. died 164. He was a son of Antiochus the Great, and, after the murder of his brother Seleucus, took possession of the Syrian throne which rightly belonged to his nephew Demetrius. This Antiochus is styled in rabbinical sources , "the wicked." Abundant information is extant concerning the

  • AntiochusEncyclopedia of The BibleBible Gateway

    With the death of Ptolemy IV in 203 b.c., who was succeeded by his son (five to seven years of age), Antiochus saw his opportunity to take Coele-Syria from Egypt and in 202 b.c. made a pact with Philip V of Macedon for a division of Egypt between the two powers (Livy xxxi. 14.

  • Jewish History -- Part TwoWestmont College

    The Romans take his son (later, Antiochus IV) hostage, and force him to pay tribute, including 15,000 talents (1 talent = 75 lbs.). 187 Antiochus dies while attempting to loot a temple of Bel (to raise money to pay off Rome). Seleucus IV sends his son Demetrius to Rome in exchange for his younger brother, Antiochus (IV).

  • OPCW Will Deploy Fact-Finding Mission to Douma, Syria

     · The team is preparing to deploy to Syria shortly. Background. Set up in 2014, the on-going mandate of the OPCW Fact Finding Mission (FFM) is “to establish facts surrounding allegations of the use of toxic chemicals, reportedly chlorine, for hostile purposes in the Syrian Arab Republic”.


     · Syria, and individual beneficiaries receive over $500 in stipends, lodging, transportation, or other in-kind assistance (over the life of the Award). The $500 threshold does not preclude the OU from vetting at lower dollar amounts based on its intent to mitigate risk. d.

  • Surviving the War in SyriaCambridge University Press

     · 'Surviving the War in Syria analyzes how civilians seek safety during civil war. Schon develops new theory about civilian survival strategies, and reports careful and extensive qualitative and quantitative fieldwork among refugees from Syria, making an important contribution to our understanding of civilian behavior in the face of war and

  • RAF air strikes in Iraq and Syria October 2018GOV.UK

     · Wednesday 3 October 2018. With the Syrian Democratic Forces continuing their offensive against the last major pocket of Deash-held territory in eastern Syria, centred on Hajin, Royal Air Force

  • Syrian Arab Republic Dara’a Flash Update, Hostilities in

     · Syria 1 more. Syrian Arab Republic Dara’a Flash Update, Hostilities in Dara’a Governorate (As of 2 August 2021) Format Situation Report Source. OCHA Posted 3 Aug 2021 Originally published

  • Laodice (c.-240c.-191)Genealogy

     · Laodice III. Laodice III (in Greek Λαοδικη, died about 191 BC), was a Princess of Pontus and a Seleucid Queen. She was a daughter born to King Mithridates II of Pontus and his wife Laodice. Her sister was Laodice of Pontus and her brother was Mithridates III of Pontus. Laodice married her maternal first cousin, the Seleucid King

  • Syria and the OPCW OPCW

     · The OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) was established by the UN Security Council to identify the perpetrators of the chemical weapon attacks confirmed by the Fact Finding Mission. The JIM presented its reports to the Security Council, and informed the OPCW. The JIM’s mandate expired in November 2017.

  • Brussels V ConferenceSupporting the future of Syria and

    At the fifth Brussels Conference on 'Supporting the future of Syria and the Region' co-chaired on 29-30 March 2021 by the European Union and the United Nations, the international community pledged €5.3 billion for 2021 and beyond for Syria and the neighbouring countries hosting the largest Syrian refugee population.Of this amount, €3.7 billion were announced by the EU, with €1.12 billion

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     · Polity IV Individual Country Regime Trends, . Annual Polity scores have been plotted for each of the 167 countries currently covered by the Polity IV data series for the period (trend graphs are also included with the Polity IV 2010 Country Reports).

  • Syria’s Transition Governance & Constitutional Options

     · Syria’s Transitional Governance & Constitutional Options Under U.N. SC Resolution 2254June 2016 Page 4 of 59 constitution, incorporating in its introductory pages a declaration of constitutional principles to ensure that Syria is set on a new course (see Appendix IV). Another option

  • Update air strikes against DaeshGOV.UK

     · On Sunday 4 April, an RAF Reaper, armed with Hellfire missiles, identified a small group of Daesh terrorists in northern Syria, some fifty miles west of Al Hasakah. Having checked that there were