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  • Vientiane Times CHINA YUNNAN

     · Apart from sending medical workers, the general public in Yunnan are also giving practical support to Hubei. On February 10, nine trucks loaded with 270 tons of watermelons left Ruili for Xianning and Jingzhou in Hubei. On February 11, a fleet of trucks loaded with 325 tons of potatoes, peas, oranges and tomatoes set off from Lijiang to Wuhan.

  • China FTA Network

    The China-Mauritius FTA is the first signed by China with an African country, which fills in the gap of Africa region in China’s existing FTA network. The FTA not only provides a stronger institutional guarantee for deepening commercial relations between China and Mauritius, but also raises the level of China-Africa economic and trade

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    The fifth China-Russia Expo opened in Russia’s fourth-largest city, Ekaterinburg, on July 9. With the theme “New beginning, new opportunities and new future,” the annual event set up five commercial side-exhibition sectors in the fields of interconnectivity, equipment manufacturing, service and trade, modern agriculture and people-to-people bond.

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     · the future of modern surgery. China makes this dream come true. Not only by teaching the students in Chinese medical universities, but also inviting so many foreign doctors and surgeons here, they are giving them hands-on training with international-level facilities. This is totally unimaginable to get in some other developed countries or

  • China Plus

     · China Tests and treatment are free both are covered by the government. The country has earmarked emergency funding for patient treatment, subsidies for medical staff and medical equipment. U.S. Testing costs are free via a CDC, state or city public health laboratory. These labs are only performing a small fraction of the tests.

  • Hainan new engine of nation's high-quality development

     · The Hainan free trade port has demonstrated China's determination to push ahead with its high-level opening-up, and will set an example for high-quality development nationwide, said China's Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan during the expo.

  • Hainan FTZ A fresh step in China's opening-upChina Plus

     · By Rabi Sankar Bosu. April, 2018 is likely to go down in history as a month which has seen a major milestone in China's development. Addressing the opening ceremony of the 2018 Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) in the southern province of Hainan, Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to further open up China's economy according to its own timetable.

  • People's support source of strength for century-old CPC

     · China's handling of the COVID-19 epidemic and massive poverty-alleviation campaign fully vindicate the CPC's efforts to put people first. Facing the ravaging pandemic, the CPC gave top priority to protecting people's life and health even at the cost of short-term economic downturn and a

  • China embarks on new journey toward socialist

     · China has long been hailed for thinking strategically and playing the long game. China's five-year plan is one of the country's most important policy blueprints. Drawn up since 1953, it sets long-term goals for China's social and economic development and

  • 19th CPC National Congress opens in BeijingChinaplus

     · China will continue to see that there are no no-go zones, no ground is left unturned, and no tolerance is shown for corruption. China will impose tight constraints, maintain a tough stance and a long-term deterrence, punish both those who take bribes and those who offer them, and prevent interest groups from arising within the Party.

  • FOCUS Yunnan helps Hubei in epidemic relief

     · Italy conveys to China its faith and support in this emergency against the epidemic, and in the (Chinese) efforts to ensure health safety. ——Italian President Sergio Mattarella On February 20, another China has worked closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) and is taking effective measures to curb the spread of the virus.

  • A Grand Gathering for Shared BenefitsChina Today

     · A Grand Gathering for Shared Benefits. DESPITE the difficult times in which the world finds itself currently, the third China International Import Expo (CIIE), held in early November in Shanghai, was a great success. The total exhibition area was expanded by close to 30,000 square meters compared with the second CIIE and a special area was set

  • Living in China, Safe and Sound

     · In China, the New Year’s Eve is a special time for family members to gather together, immersing themselves in the lively festive atmosphere. Firecrackers can be seen lighting up the night sky everywhere along the street. When the clock strikes eight o’clock, the whole family gathers in front of the TV set to watch the yearly Spring Festival

  • A glimpse of open Chinese market through 2019

     · Chinese market wider and brought more opportunities for cooperation between China and South and Southeast Asian countries. In recent years, according to Ruwan Edirisinghe, president of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SSACEIF, the China-South Asia Expo, and other platforms and mechanisms have increased the economic and trade

  • China makes historic progress over 13th Five-Year Plan

     · China makes historic progress over 13th Five-Year Plan period under Xi's leadership. -- The Chinese economy has grown close to 100 trillion yuan (about 15 trillion U.S. dollars) with a per capita GDP exceeding 10,000 U.S. dollars. -- China now has the world's largest middle-income population and is set to end absolute poverty.

  • Xi's new initiatives give impetus to stronger China-Africa

     · On trade, Xi said China has decided to increase imports, particularly non-resource products, from Africa, support the African Continental Free Trade Area, and hold free trade talks with interested countries and regions. Xi's initiatives also cover capacity building, health care, people-to-people exchange, and peace and security.

  • China’s Greater Bay Area busy laying foundation for

     · Aerial photo taken on July 11, 2018 shows the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in south China. (Xinhua/Liang Xu) In July 2017, a framework agreement on the development of the bay area was signed. On February 18 this year, China issued the more specific Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

  • China National Program for Women's Development (2011

     · China National Program for Women's Development () Equality between men and women is a fundamental State policy in China. The level of gender equality is an important indicator of social civilization and progress. Women account for half of the Chinese population, constituting an important force in China's economic and social development.

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     · China’s doctors like Panpan take this message to heart as they dedicate their lives to medicine. But the reality of the work can be cruel, and every year an astonishing number of new medical graduates are scared away from the dark prospect of being confronted by angry patients, and they give up their dream career in health care.

  • Building a Global Community of Health for AllChina Today

     · At the opening of the 73rd World Health Assembly video conference and the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity against COVID-19, President Xi announced that China will cooperate with the UN to set up a global humanitarian emergency warehouse and hub in China, make efforts to ensure the supply chain of anti-epidemic materials, and


     · does not contravene this Chapter. Each Party shall be free to determine the appropriate method of implementing this Chapter within its own legal system and practice. Article 11.6 Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights Each Party shall be free to establish its own regime for exhaustion of intellectual property rights.

  • Guangdong-Macao Cooperation Bears Fruitful China

     · During the same year, the hospitals in Hengqin provided a total of 58,000 person-times of medical services for Macao residents. “In view of a total population of less than 700,000 in Macao, the figure [of 58,000] is not small. It also shows that Hengqin’s health care facilities have gained recognition from Macao residents,” said Li Tengdong.

  • Deepen International Cooperation to Combat COVID-19

     · China is guiding medical teams abroad on improving containment technology and treatment and providing additional medical supplies. We are also working with local health ministries and WHO offices to better assist host countries carry out COVID-19 containment, as well as to protect the health and safety of Chinese citizens abroad.

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     · Foreigners who have been covered by China’s social security and medical insurance plan will receive vaccination free of charge by presenting their medical insurance participation certificate (Social Security Card) on vaccination site.

  • Chinese and Indian doctors China releases share a

     · Chinese acupuncture. Mr. Singh said that the introduction of acupuncture therapy to India and the establishment of Dr. Kotnis Acupuncture Charitible Hospital are both related to the Indian medical aid team to China. In 30’s of last century, doctors like Kotnis and Basuhua joined the medical aid team to China during the War of Resistance

  • Hainan new engine of nation's high-quality development

     · The Hainan free trade port has demonstrated China's determination to push ahead with its high-level opening-up, and will set an example for high-quality development nationwide, said China's Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan during the expo. The country first proposed the establishment of a free trade zone in Hainan in 2018 and began